Why I do what I do

My name is Geronimo van den Braak. As a child, my dream job was to become an architect, because I was enamored by the idea of drawing, and building constructions. At the age of 9 I got into writing code so I could build my first 2D scrolling space shooter. Having a mother that paints frequently and having a father who likes to tinker with computers, it felt only natural for me to delve into digital media to express my creativity. After high school I made the decision to start the Multi Media education at ROC Nijmegen. Here I touched upon designing for printable media, photography and web design. After successfully finishing three internships and my graduation in web design, I felt ready to do something new and challenging. Inspired by beautiful renders of cars, environments and characters, I wanted to learn more about 3D modeling. I loved the idea of creating content used in the film and game industry, I applied for the Visual Artist course offered by NHTV and got accepted. Now as a young adult I can say that I am living my childhood dream of doing what I love.